Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Networking 2.0 - The Art of Making Connections

I'm deviating a bit from the incentive, compensation and sales performance management topics to talk about professional networking. I was invited by a Canadian Heritage Network (Generaction) to be a keynote speaker at an event next Thursday (May 29, 2008) in Ottawa. The topic of my presentation is "Networking 2.0 - The Art of Making Connections". You can download my Power Point presentation here.

The main areas I will address include how to build, maintain and use a professional network. It sounds simple, but I will provide many useful tips and best practices on networking strategies and networking mistakes to avoid. I will also discuss how online social networking can be used to stay connected with your network.

I listed 3 good books about networking in my presentation deck. Here are the links to their author's website:
I hope to see you on Thursday.


Julien Dionne said...

I received this e-mail from the co-author of "Make Your Contacts Count". Apparently there was a technical issue with posting this comment:

Hi Julien,

I read about your presentation on Networking and want to recommend our book, Make Your Contacts Count (AMACOM, 2007) by Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon. (I tried to sent a note to your blog but the verification letters didn't show so I'm not sure it went thru.)
Our book is used by professionals and entrepreneurs at large and small companies like Kraft, Deloitte Touche, Booz Allen, Lockheed Martin, and by entrepreneurs, and even by people at the U.S. Senate! www.ContactsCount.com
Good luck with your presentation.

Lynne Waymon
co-author of Make Your Contacts Count (AMACOM, 2007) and
co-founder of Contacts Count, the nationwide consulting and training firm
specializing in professional and business networking
www.ContactsCount.com www.FireProofYourCareer.com
301-589-8633 Silver Spring, MD
Get new tips and tools in the Contacts Count newsletter at http://contactscount.com/newslettersubscription.html

Shazmin said...

Hey Julien,

Thank you so much for the presentation today. Everyone loved it and are now inspired to expand their network, including myself!

Once again, thank you on behalf of GenerAction for the
great/motivational presentation. Your work sounds exciting and its great that you were able to share that with us.

Shazmin Kanji
GenerAction Cooordinator /
Coordonnatrice de GénérAction

Julien Dionne said...

Talking with someone who could not attend the event but looked at my presentation, I received the comment that it "looks" like everything is calculated in networking and that the only purpose of connecting with people is to use them.

I wanted to provide some quick comments about this. Even if networking is often performed at first to build a network who can be "used", the best contacts made become relationships.

Many "contacts" I made during various events often became good friends, mentors and business partners - genuine relationships - and that's the goal.

There are many people in my network I will never ask to help me out with anything, they already do without knowing it. They are in my network because they inspire me and because I learn from them.

To everyone in my network: thank you!

Keith Ferrazzi said...

On networking being calculated - I always say approach people with generosity first. Helping someone is its own reward. If you lead with that mindset, you never become a user.

Thanks for thinking of me, Julien, I appreciate it.

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