Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Compensation Framework

I received a few emails with recommendations to improve my blog - I have tried to implement them but however, I must say I ignored one of the most relevent comment I received.

It was recommended to me to try to streamline and "bucketize" my posts. There is so much to talk about, I must admit it could be hard to see the common thread between my posts. Today I finally sat down to think about what exactly I wanted talk in my blog, and came up with this high-level plan:

As you can see, the "niche" I found for this blog is for the following topics: Compensation fundamentals and theory, benefits of incentives and variable compensation, and how incentives can be correlated to performance and motivation. I also want to cover industry news and discuss success stories, write about different hurdles with respect to choosing a solution and implementing it. Finally I will write about some personal experiences and opinions, research done on these topics as well as anything else I find relevant.

I guess the target audience is probably whoever is reading this, most I think this will be most relevant to HR, Sales and Compensation pros or anyone with an interest in variable compensation. IT Pros and other employees may also find this useful...

Let me know what you think. When I get the chance I will reorganize my labels as per those categories I described.


Anonymous said...

I love the diagram. Reminds me of "mind mapping".

Please post more pictures of yourself. Or just email them to me. For Valentine's Day...research.

They celebrate that in Canada right? :)

Julien Dionne said...

Glad you like it. Got to love Visio!

To make it fair, you should post a real picture of yourself and then we would have a deal :-)

And yes we do celebrate Valentine's here as well.

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