Friday, February 29, 2008

Live Online Expert Panel Discussion Coming Up

Synygy is hosting a free Webcast "Ensuring Alignment of Strategy and Sales Compensation Plans: Assessing the Impact of Strategic Misalignment" on March 5th at 2:00pm EST. I will delay my lunch break by 2 hours to see what I can learn about Wyeth and U.S. Cellular's experiences and report back.
During this live, interactive panel discussion you will gain insight into:
  • how Wyeth and U.S. Cellular assessed the impact of strategic misalignment
  • key symptoms indicating lack of alignment of sales compensation plans
  • how to assess the impact of misalignment of sales compensation plans steps
    to ensure alignment of plans when rolling out new plans or plan changes
  • best practices for ensuring alignment of sales compensation plans and


Mark Bernstein, Senior Director-Sales Planning,Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Lisa Ziembiec, Manager-Sales Incentive Compensation and Effectiveness, U.S. Cellular

Jeff Evernham, Vice President, Client Services, Synygy

By registering you will be able to download two pretty good papers: "5 Tips for Ensuring Strategic Alignment of Sales Compensation Plans", and "Diagnosing Your Sales Compensation MAnagement Problems".

I found the later article a particularly good read. Rather than focusing on strategic alignment and best practices, it takes the other angle of the problems in sales compensation management. The article goes on describing 7 categories of problems resulting in ineffective design, implementation and management of sales compensation plans and their root causes.

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