Monday, April 28, 2008

Xactly On-Demand Analytics

Xactly Analytics is a new application from Xactly which delivers strong data mining and analytics capabilities, which are easy to leverage by business users and are available through dashboards and reports. It is currently in Beta release and is scheduled for general availability in June 2008.

[Disclaimer: I have not seen Xactly Analytics in action yet and will provide more information when I can]

Xactly Changes the Game in Sales Performance Visibility With On-Demand Analytics

Xactly Analytics stands out as market's first on-demand application enabling visibility into reliable post-sales data to better measure and maximize sales performance.

Xactly Analytics is a fully on-demand, Web-based application delivering a complete range of data exploration and analysis capabilities that would ordinarily require significant time and IT resources to develop. Xactly Analytics provides unified, authoritative views of key sales performance management metrics, including sales incentive analysis, product performance analysis, and sales performance analysis by sales team, product or region. It includes automated data-workflow processes that transform and aggregate business data brought together by Xactly Incent to provide executives, sales managers and finance managers with better visibility into incentive spend that has not previously been possible with traditional Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) products.

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