Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Callidus On-Demand as a Solution for SMBs – Part III of III of my Interview with Callidus

In this last part of my interview with Paul Turner and Jock Breitwieser from Callidus Software, we discussed about the suitability of Callidus as a solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Are Callidus Solutions / TrueComp only for Big Enterprises?
"Absolutely not!" exclaimed Paul. It's true that Callidus offerings were traditionally on-premise complex solutions for large clients, but with the On-Demand solutions this is not the case anymore. Several small companies have chosen Callidus as their Sales Performance Solution and are very satisfied.

Pauls also comments that the small to medium sized enterprises is still a very un-tapped market. "SMBs present great challenges, but also the greatest opportunities for Callidus Software".

Are On-Demand and On-Premise Solutions Identical?
On-demand and On-premise versions of TrueComp, the "core" compensation tool from Callidus are identical to each other. However there are add-ons and packaged elements which helps speed-up the On-demand deployment, such as packaged reporting elements and spreadsheets to facilite data integration.

So how Long does it Take to Deploy the Callidus On-Demand Solution?
It is hard to say as it depends on so many factors such as the complexity of the implementation, the number of plans, the number of rules, etc. However, Paul noted that a recent small client completed the entire implementation cycle - from design to integration - under only 90 days, others in as little as 60 days.

Sales Managers and Account Executives can access reports directly through SalesForce.com. Sales person can access their up-to-date compensation statement and other reports directly as well, and drill-down on key elements when required. Below are a few screen captures illustrating some of the dashboards available for Callidus On-Demand through SalesForce.com.

More information about SalesForce.com and Callidus integration is also available on the Callidus website.

With emerging On-Demand solutions geared towards small to medium sized enterprises, perhaps they will all drop their archaic Excel spreadsheets to adopt such a solution... much like they adopted the web as an essential element of their marketing campaigns 10 years ago.

[Part I of my interview with Callidus]

Thanks again Paul and Jock for your time and for sharing your insight.

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